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McLaren MP4/6 1991 Formula 1 Japanese GP – Ayrton Senna / Gerhard Berger

New in the EIDOLON FORMULA series from Make Up Japan, here is the 1:43 scale McLaren MP4/6 as raced in the 1991 Formula 1 Japanese GP. After 53 laps in the Suzuka circuit, Marlboro McLaren Honda claimed their one-two finish with Gerhard Berger finishing 1st and closely followed by Ayrton Senna. Berger had his first win of the season while Senna was eventually crowned F1 Champion of the 1991 season.

As is expected from Make Up Japan, a lot of effort is spent on ensuring this 1:43 scale model is as close to the real car as possible. In the first step, 3D modelling is used to digitalise the shape of the model in order to reproduce the resin body. Apart from the resin main body, other parts of the model are also made with a mix of white metal and brass which you can see in the below images.

On the other hand, the front and rear suspension arms are another area that is faithfully reproduced by what is called a “lost-wax brass casting”method. The result is amazing and I will let the images speak for themselves.

Last but not least, the two-tone fluorescence red and white livery on the car is represented in the high quality paint job. The paint job on Make Up models are always thin and crisp, so you can see the beautiful body shape and all details on the car body are not lost.

Available soon from HYC Models.

FE016A McLaren MP4/6 No.1 Ayrton Senna – 2nd place 1991 Japanese F1 GP (World Champion)
FE016B McLaren MP4/6 No.2 Gerhard Berger – Winner 1991 Japanese F1 GP