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Eidolon Formula – McLaren MP4/4 Monaco GP A.Prost / A.Senna – coming soon

After the MP4/4 Japanese GP version, Make Up has followed up with the release of Monaco GP version. Both Prost’s and Senna’s race cars are featured. Apart from carrying different race numbers, the two cars also have different heights for the windscreen and headrest. Here are the official photos from Make Up for the time being. We will show you the actual photos when they will arrive by end of June, tentatively.

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Make Up Eidolon Formula 1/43
McLaren MP4/4 1988 Monaco GP
FE014A: McLaren MP4/4 No.11 Alain PROST – 1988 F1 Monaco GP WINNER link
FE014B: McLaren MP4/4 No.12 Ayrton SENNA – 1988 F1 Monaco GP link