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New Arrivals from Make Up (4-Aug-14)

Here are the new models we received from Make Up this week, 4-Aug-14. Please order directly on our website. Email us at if you have any questions!

EM247A Lamborghini Aventador J – Candy Red Metallic
EM247B Lamborghini Aventador J – Matt White Pearl
EM247C Lamborghini Aventador J – Ithaca Green
EM247D Lamborghini Aventador J – Giallo Maggio
EM247E Lamborghini Aventador J – Baby Blue

FE016A McLaren MP4/6 Japanese GP 1991 A.Senna WORLD CHAMPION

VM015B Porsche 917K Martini No.22 Le Mans 1971 Qualifying
VM071 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Martini Racing No.8 Zeltweg 1000km 1973
VM028A Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 1974 – White
VM028F Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 1974 – Pink

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Make Up Special Versions for HYC Models – DMC Aventador, Diablo SV and Aventador J

HYC Models is happy to announce 4 more special limited edition models from Make Up Co., Ltd, all made specially for HYC Models! They are scheduled to be available in August / September 2014. Please email us to pre-order and to select the limited number of choice!

1) DMC Lamborghini Aventador LP900-4 Molto Veloce – Matt Blue – 20pcs Limited Edition

2) Lamborghini Diablo SV MY99 (w/ Rear Wing and SV logo) – Metallic Purple – 10pcs Limited Edition

3) Lamborghini Diablo SV MY99 (w/ Rear Wing) – Metallic Purple – 10pcs Limited Edition

4) Lamborghini Aventador J – Matt Black – 20pcs Limited Edition

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Make Up Special Version for HYC Models – Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50º Anniversario

At HYC Models, we are proud to announce a special collaboration with Make Up Co., Ltd, in the form of 2 special versions Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50º Anniversario. These 2 special versions are exclusively built for HYC Models and are limited to 10 Coupe and 10 Roadster only.

EIDOLON EM285HYC – Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50º Anniversario (Verde Artemis)

EIDOLON EM286HYC – Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 Roadster 50º Anniversario (Blue Cepheus)

Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50º Anniversario is already a very special car in itself, as it was released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini. The real car is limited to just 100 Coupe and 100 Roadster worldwide.

On the Coupe, it is Verde Artemis for the body colour, a very beautiful and rare shade of green. It is the same colour which Lamborghini used on their Murcielago 40th Anniversary limited edition. To give it a bit more exclusivity, the wheels are in Gold colour and the brake callipers in the tri-colour of Italian flag. Whereas on the Roadster, it is Blue Cepheus, or otherwise known as baby blue, light blue with a pearl-like effect. Yellow brake callipers and black wheels giving the car a stealth look. We don’t want to bore you with further details so please check out the photos here. Yet another beautiful car model and masterpiece from Make Up Co., Ltd from Japan.

hycspecial1 hycspecial2 hycspecial3 hycspecial4 hycspecial5 hycspecial6 hycspecial7